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Hello World

Welcome. This site is a catalog of ventures & projects created by Axel Grubba.

Scripted Ventures' journey begins with a simple "Hello, World!" as it embarks on a mission to become a home for profitable and sustainable internet businesses.

While the journey is just beginning, the vision is clear and guided by the following principles:


  • Customer Happiness: We believe in happy customers as the best marketing.
  • Automation: We believe in automating everything that can be automated.
  • Consistency: We believe in consistent marginal improvements that compound over time.
  • Pareto Principle: We believe that 80% of results will come from just 20% of the action.
  • Shipping: We believe in shipping and iterating over perfection.
  • Learning: We believe in continuous learning and growth.
  • Enjoyment: We just wanna enjoy the ride.